Here are some of the members of the pecan guild, followed by their place in the structure of the guild as well as a few of their functions within the ecological community.

Pecan: Canopy layer, food (nut)

Elder: Shrub layer, food/medicine (berry), wildlife forage

Comfrey: Herb layer, medicine, dynamic accumulator

Lemon balm: Herb layer, food (tea), insectary

Strawberry: Groundcover, food (human/wildlife)

Chicory: Herb layer, food (human/wildlife), insectary, dynamic accumulator

Purple coneflower: Herb layer, medicine, wildlife, insectary

Garlic chive: groundcover, food, pest confuser, insectary

Black raspberry: vine, food, medicine

Wild bergamot: Herb layer, food(seasoning), insectary, medicine

Spotted horsemint: Herb layer, insectary

This is just one example of what a guild can look like, and some of the reasons we are growing each plant. It could include a wide variety of plants for an even larger number of uses. In addition to food, medicine, wildlife forage and habitat, and the other uses listed above, here are a few other functions to consider:


Building materials


Materials for arts and crafts