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Guild Planting


We are fortunate to have many large, old trees on the property. We plan to create permaculture-style guilds around them. Pictured here is a small pecan guild when we first started planting it out last fall (above). It has filled in nicely since then as you can see in the lower picture.

Restorative Agriculture


In addition to introducing food forest, we will be farming with the more familiar annual crop methods. But our main focus of these garden rows will be on building soil health using techniques such as crop rotation and cover cropping. 



We are in the process of creating an education food forest in approximately 1/6 of an acre space. The food forest will be adjacent to an outdoor classroom where we plan to teach about guild planting, mushroom cultivation, fiber art projects, and more.


“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”
― Bill Mollison